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September 8, 2015

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13, Riesenhafferwee, L-8811 Bilsdorf Luxembourg

Phone USA

(631) 862-5926

Mobile Phone Luxembourg

+352 621741499



My ServicesMy Services

private and corporate


Gps tracking, audio video spy, computer monitoring


missing poeple in Luxembourg and Europe

Corporate investigation

annual accounts, shareholders, property checks, investigations o morality of a future collaborator,

FBI Fingerprint, trusted observer


We assist You during the self capture fingerprint procedure, we are Your trusted Observer, Your witness in Luxembourg

Responsive Design

morality investigation of a future employee, pre-rental investigation, search previous unpaid rent, credit investigation, investigate minors, juvenile crime detection.

Web development

Our agency DDIIW designs Your websites and e-commerce in Luxembourg, we realize Your website in HTML XML,PHP, we also use the latest CMS opensource  sites. Be it projects for the conception of corporate websites, online shops or social media pltforms

Investigation agents mandated by court bailiffs for your process serving missions in Luxembourg.

Issuance of court injunctions, court orders and requests for divorce in Luxembourg

Investigation agency specialized in process serving in Luxembourg

Still little known in Europe, the serving process consists of giving in hand of the owner’s official and confidential documents, such as a court injunction, a court order or a request for divorce.

Our investigation agency Dol-Dek D’Olisy International Investigation Worldwide  realizes company and people search in Luxembourg, so as to locate them and hand over the documents submitted by lawyers, judges or court bailiffs.

The mission for process serving must also provide proof of delivery, it is essential to identify beforehand the person entitled to sign the submitted documents, to meet deadlines and regulations related to the delivery of official documents, and to have a receipt that shall be legally recognized.

Our customers, mainly based in the United Kingdom or the United States, entrust us with their requests for process serving in Luxembourg and the larger region.

Do you wish to learn more about our benefits on process serving in Luxembourg? Contact us at + 352 26 61 56 33 or by email.

  • company and people search
  • submitted by lawyers, judges or court bailiffs
  • a receipt that shall be legally recognized
  • in Luxembourg and the larger region
  • locate companies and moral or physical persons
  • firm for investigation
  • body camera movie records for own security
private investigator certification

The investigation and research for individuals and companies, an important step in the mission of process serving

Take advantage of our global network on private detectives for your process serving requests from abroad.

Our firm for private detectives Dol-Dek D’Olisy International Investigation Worldwide (follow the link is responsible for investigation and research missions (follow the link in Luxembourg to locate companies and moral or physical persons authorized to receive the documents.

For all your requests on process serving abroad, our international network of private investigators will be able to ensure the mission on location and issuance of injunctions, orders or any document submitted by a notary, lawyer, judge or court bailiff.

An active member of the first national network of detectives in Luxembourg, our firm for investigationDol-Dek D’Olisy International Investigation Worldwide ensures all your missions in English, Luxembourgish, French and German.

Do you wish to learn more about our investigation agency in Luxembourg? Take an appointment with our team at + 352 26 61 56 33, or contact us


organizations dedicated to private research

WAD (World Association of Detectives)

CLC  (Luxembourg’s Trade Confederation)

security policy for confidential data

Our firm also offers you its services on process serving for the transmission of official documents to Luxembourg: judicial injunctions, court orders, requests of divorce,…

An assured international presence

Take advantage of our global network on private detectives for your investigation requests abroad

Private investigator job

 Dol-Dek D’Olisy International Investigation Worldwide

Search for assets for solvency procedures


Thanks to our means and modern technological equipments, our investigation agency Dol-Dek D’Olisy International Investigation Worldwide gives you evidence so as to confirm any suspicion.

National & 4 languages

Specialize in private research; our investigation agency intervenes on the whole territory of Luxemburg and the bigger Region: our detectives speak French, Luxembourgish, English and German.

Dol-Dek D'OlisyDol-Dek D'Olisy

Hiring a Private Detective

If you are looking to find a private investigator for hire, please send me a message and I will make sure you get best quality service for most affordable private investigator fees.

Hire private detective for searching people, morality investigations and youth delinquency detection in Luxemburg


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01/06/00 - 30/04/102008 - 2014


Learning the investigation profession, doing private secretary work on behalf a noble personality.

01/05/14 - now2014 - now

Manager of DDIIW

Deliver notices and documents, Gps tracking, Family matters, preparation for court, customer support, reports for investigations and skiptracing

01/09/2017 - now2017 - now

Development Manager for Encomplus Solutions

Customer Support, updating CMS and html Webpages, translations, chat support, resolving problems

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