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Uncovering Insurance Fraud: The Role of Private Detectives in Luxembourg

Insurance fraud occurs when an insured individual deliberately makes a false claim to the insurer to obtain compensation.

The assistance of a private detective in Luxembourg plays a crucial role in uncovering the truth and clarifying the reality of the claim. In instances of fraud, the insurer will receive a comprehensive investigation report containing evidence such as Attestation 202, photographs, videos, and findings by a bailiff, all aimed at substantiating the wrongdoing.

This investigation report holds legal validity in any court proceedings.

According to Article 313-1 of the Penal Code, fraud involves deceiving individuals, either by assuming a false identity or misusing a genuine identity, or by utilizing fraudulent tactics, with the intention of causing financial loss to them or a third party. This includes persuading them to provide funds, assets, or any form of property, render services, or engage in acts that create obligations or discharges.

Let’s imagine I am the director of an insurance company. One of our insured individuals claims to be incapable of working due to a car accident. However, multiple witnesses have reported seeing them participating in sports activities and carrying out renovations at a friend’s residence. Would it be beneficial to engage a private detective?

Absolutely. In such cases, involving a private detective allows for the collection of objective evidence, ensuring the verification and documentation of facts through an official report. This report becomes crucial in defending one’s rights in the appropriate court. Dol-Dek D’Olisy Detective Agency specializes in capturing scenes through video and photography, leaving no room for doubt.