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Private Data in Luxembourg

Access to the personal registry in Luxembourg

Access to the personal registry in Luxembourg is subject to specific legal provisions and data protection laws. Generally, only authorized institutions and authorities have access to the personal registry for legitimate and specific purposes, such as government agencies, population registers, or courts.

As an individual, there are certain pieces of information that you can obtain through the portal ( This official website of the Luxembourg government provides various information on public services and administrative procedures.

If you require specific information from the personal registry, you should contact the relevant authorities in Luxembourg to submit your request. This may include the population register office (Service des Etrangers) or the Ministry of Justice (Ministère de la Justice), for example. It is important to adhere to the respective requirements and procedures and provide any necessary documents or evidence.

Please note that access to personal information is subject to strict data protection regulations and is not granted for general purposes or without a lawful basis.